May 15, 2010

Or was it just like those promises that you made


The current season of Germany's next Topmodel is rather boring, isn't it? I think I expected too much.
The only reason I watch it are the photoshoots. The one with the elephants was really cool. The first photo is my favourite. I would love to touch an elephant or even sit on one. Elephants are kind of fascinating.
Hope you all enjoy your weekend. I have no school since Thursday and I really enjoy my free time. But the weather isn't that nice at the moment, more autuum than spring :(

Better than Ezra - Our Last Night:


Camilla said...

fun blog! x


Mina said...

ich find die aktuelle staffel auch langweilig. genau wie du, finde ich die shoots aber interessant. nur deswegen guck ich mir die folgen an :)

und danke für deinen kommentar. habt ihr noch smiley-pommes gehabt? die sind wirklich sooo lecker :D


Kathi said...

gntm ist wirklich seeehr langweilig geworden...keine ahnung wieso ich trotzdem jede woche davor sitz ^^

.sabo skirt. said...

wow, looks like a fabulous photoshoot.. top model always has amazing photographs

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