July 26, 2010

I'm hotter than you!

Last Wednesday I finally saw Eclipse.
We went to Marburg to see it in English. I took the picture above in the city centre of Marburg where we went for a short walk because we had almost a whole hour left before the movie began.

The movie was really nice. You can notize that they had more money for Eclipse than for Twilight and New Moon. The action scences were really cool and they sticked close to the book.
Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria was a totally wrong decision. Didn't like her in the movie at all. She didn't scare me and looked just like a little cute doll.
What I liked the most about the movie is that there are also really funny scenes. For example Jacob to Edward 'I'm hotter than you!'...the whole cinema laught.
And I loved the scences with Bella's father Charlie! The dialogues were brilliant!
Team Daddy!


Abi-Anne said...

It was a lovely movie. I found it very enjoyable. And I like that it stayed true to the book


DonnaRomina said...

uii dankeschön :)

annierama said...

Maybe I´m going to watch this movie too but I´m not really sure yet.... don´t know what I should think about Eclipse!

maja said...

hey :) ich habe dich mal getaggt
hier die fragen: