July 23, 2010


The last three days were 'movie-days'. Went to the cinema twice and did a dvd-evening with friends. On Tuesday I went to the open air cinema to watch the German movie 'Friendship!' with Matthias Schweighöfer und Friedrich Mücke.

Really love the movie! It was so funny and I like the story behind it which is by the way a true story.
Short summary: After the fall of the Berlin Wall two friends, Tom and Veit, who come from East Germany, want to find Veit's father who lives in San Francisco. They start their jorney in New York with 55$ in their pocket trying everything to get to San Francisco within a few weeks. (You can find the trailer here.)
Friendship is a wonderful road movie and I'm dying to hold the dvd in my hands. German dvd release is on September, 9.

Best part of the evening beside the movie was that Matthias Schweighöfer and the director Markus Goller came to the open air cinema. They talked about the movie, sign autographs and took pictures with the fans.

Most of the pictures I made are blurry or too dark :( I'm craving for a new camera...

I almost forgot: I have a surprise for you...I'll show you tomorrow!


Herzkirsche said...

ich freu mich du bist die 400 Leserin meines Blogs und wie ich sehe auch ein großer London Fan ;O)
Herzlich Willkommen!

Reegen said...

Oh wow! Den Matthias hätt ich auch sehn wollen :O