August 28, 2011

A trip to Venice III

I want to pack my bags and go the Venice right now. Been there as a 6-year-old and can not remember that much. Have you ever been to Venice?

all pictures via Free People Facebook

Last part of the Free People Campaign. Missed part one and two? Click here and here.


Pssshhht said...

Oh, Venice is really cool!
I've been there like 3 years ago or 4 years ago even.


L † L said...

wir waren auf abschlussfahrt in rimini und einen tag in venedig! eine tolle stadt nur leider ziemlich teuer.trotzdem viel spaß und allerliebste grüße

L M ♥ la mode said...

Beautiful pictures...check me out

Jessica Jersey said...

Schöner Blog (:

Schau bei mir vorbei!
Bei 100 Lesern mache ich eine größere Verlosung! Schuhe, Schmuck und Tasche zu gewinnen! (;

Terrorbambi said...

Das Lookbook ist der Wahnsinn.
Kommt auch noch auf meinen Blog :)

Mary Lee said...

omg these pictures are magical! lovely

hope you'll visit back

Kelly-Ann said...

Venice has always had major allure for me and it's the only major city in Italy I've not been to! So it's on my list. Thanks for posting these wonderful editorial pics.

Mona M. said...

Yes i have been there for about 4 years. And its soo beautiful there. You have to go to vanice<3
have a beautiful weekend, my dear<3