August 03, 2011

I'm a traveller

First, I'm going to London in September! So exited! Started planning the days in London and I have so much on my list of things I want to visit. Guess it will be a crazy week with hurting feet and so much fun. Really looking forward to it.

Second, I want to thank you for all those sweet comments recently. They make my day and I really enjoy reading them :)

Third, make sure you check out this giveaway!

Fourthly, good night! Have sweet dreams!


mari b. said...

yay for you going to london! i'm sure you'll have an amazing amount of fun and lots of lovely adventures.

xx //

What's On My Mind said...

London is wonderful! I wish you a great trip and I couldn't agree more with the picture, it is so true :-)

Michaela said...

I'm also going to london in september :)

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xoxo Michaela

malory said...

London is fabulous ! :