April 27, 2010

It makes it easier to know exactly what I want

I love Accessorize! The first time I stepped into that store was in London back in 2008. My first reaction was like: ‘Oh my gosh! Mum, I want to have everything!’ My mindset hasn’t changed until today. Every time I access the store I hope that there were heaps of money in my purse waiting to be spend for those gorgeous things.
Here a little wish list of things I hopefully can buy in London (quite a lot, i won't buy everything anyway):

Another giveaway that fits perfectly: You can win a bike-necklace from Accessorize here.

Snow Patrol - Hands Open:


Alix said...

Hi, nice blog !

sugarplumfairy said...

Really like your blog and followed it.
Have fun in London, I'd love to see London once!