April 11, 2010

I want so much to open your eyes cuz I need you to look into mine

Think this is the longest post I’ve ever written. Let’s see who of you reads it till the end.
Oh and thank you, my eight followers, for reading my blog!

Thursday and yesterday I spent in Frankfurt doing some shopping.
I really love big cities! I live in a small village and I’m always exited when I come to a larger city. It’s kind of ‘different’ there in a positive way. There is movement. It’s like the air is shimmering. So many different kinds of people, so many different stories: A man singing a sea shanty in the underground station, girls and boys offering a free hug in the pedestrian area Zeil, guys that are happy to hug a blonde beauty for free and girls running around with huge shopping bags.
I swear – it sound silly but anyway – every time I get of the train I can literally smell that I arrived in a large city like Frankfurt.

On Thursday I went to Primark for the first time. Everything is so cheap there and a lot of accessories found their way into my shopping bag. I’ll definitely go there again but when there aren’t any school holidays because the store was full of people. I think I’ve waited about 20 minutes to get to the changing rooms, it was hot and I was a little bit on the edge. I’m quite sad about the fact that some items I wanted so badly weren’t available anymore but in a few weeks I go to London and maybe I can catch some things there.
My yield:


Yesterday the Glamour Shopping Week started and of course I couldn’t resist buying something. So I drove to Frankfurt on the last Saturday of the school holidays. Thought it was the worst I could do – especially because it was the first day of Glamour Shopping Week - and expected crowds of people in the stores but I couldn’t go to Frankfurt next week because of school. Well, I arrived in Frankfurt at 10 am and it was quite empty. There were free changing rooms at H&M without waiting (Yippee! I hate to wait for changing rooms.) Only when I got to Zara the crowds came. Missed my train because I had to wait a long time at the pay desk. But anyway it was worth it because I found this skirt with floral pattern at Zara for only 10€.

At H&M I bought a treggings and tights with dots on it and I found two beautiful necklaces at Accessorize

When I got home an H&M packet arrived. Show you the things I keep later.
Snow Patrol - Open your eyes:


Fräulein Honig said...

aah. ich WILL auch mal zu primark!
ich liebe ALLES von den dingen, die du erstanden hast!!!

helena said...

wunderbare sachen ! besonders die blümchenschuhe habens mir angetan. leider gabs die nicht als ich bei primark war :/

Ancia said...

Tolle Sachen! Primark hat echt geiles Zeug! Habe vor kurzem auch ordentlich zugeschalgen in Bremen!
xoxo & Lieben Gruß aus Hamburg