March 25, 2010

So soon your time will come

Don't forget to buy the Glamour magazin before it's sold out!
From April, 10 till April, 17 you can save a lot of money because of the Glamour Shopping-Week. So many shops are part of this campaign. You can find them all here.
I'm most exited about the sales discount from H&M and Accessorize. So you'll find me in Frankfurt on April, 10 running from shop to shop to grab a bargain.

One day left and then I have Easter holidays. The first week I'm going to Zittau with my family. The second week I'll go shopping in Frankfurt (Primark! Really looking forward to!), meet friends and hopefully visit some fleamarkets and second hand shops.

My art teacher gave us a funny exercise which I have to do during the holidays. We have to do a photo reportage about one day as a dog and what he experiences on that day. Any ideas for a photo?

Amy MacDonald - Your time will come:

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Nicci said...

denked du kannst auch deutsch :)... sehr interessanter schöner blog!
werde dich mal verfolgen!

lg nicci ♥