September 21, 2011

London with mindthegapdear: Tower Bridge

Finally the first post of my London series! Some of you ask about my favourite places and must-sees in London so here's the first one.

There are a lot of bridges in London but my absolute favourite is Tower Bridge. I always go there when I'm in London. (btw my second favourite is Millenium Bridge...always get the 'Harry Potter' feeling and expect Death Eaters to show up every second when standing on it :D ).

Tower Bridge was the first thing I visited back in 2008. We went there straight after the check-in and I clearly remember one moment: I was standing there, watching the London's skyline and the boats on the Thames, all exited about the following days and I just felt safe and at home.

Two weeks ago I was lucky to see Tower Bridge open for a big boat (it stays closed for small boats like those for tourist tours). This happens around 1000 times a year. Maybe you're lucky too! 
And I can also recommend to visit Tower Bridge at night. The lights are beautiful!


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Lola Finn said...

Ich will auch nach London!!! Oh mann, sind die Fotos klasse!