April 23, 2011

DIY: Ribbon Chain Bracelet

Since I have Easter holidays I finally had the time to do some of the DIY projects that are piled up in my inspiration folder.
This one is pretty easy. All you need is a chain and a ribbon.

At first you put the chain around your wrist to measure the lenght of your bracelet. Then cut it.

The next step is to braid the ribbon through the chain.

Move the chain in the middle of the ribbon and leave some ribbon (about 14 cm) over on each side. 

Then tie a knot around the end of the chain so the ribbon won't move anymore.

And your bracelet is finished :)

You can also make necklaces or use two ribbons with different colours or braid the ribbon adding some pearls or use different materials for example leather and so on...


N▲hn▲ said...

oh was ein tolles diy! das mach ich auch mal!

Barbara said...

das mach ich auch mal! Tolle Idee, so etwas selbst zu machen! sehr süßer Blog übrigens ;) xoxo

Natalie said...

hi, habe momentan auf meinem blog eine aktion, würde gerne verschiedene diy sachen vorstellen und suche mir dann die besten raus und berichte über sie, vllt hast du ja lust mitzumachen?
Findest alle näheren infos in meinem letzten post