June 08, 2010

Image theft

Weeks ago Betty had a problem with Zara because they used one of her pictures for a print-shirt without asking for permission. (You can read about it here.)

Now Rockie asked on her blog The Wanderlusters (btw a really nice blog with adorable pictures) for help because the European brand Reserved used one of her photographs for a t-shirt.
Rockie asks European bloggers to find out if they're selling the shirts and for which price because she lives in the United States and is not able to visit a Reserved shop. Furthermore the shirt with the photograph is not listed in the online store.
Unfortunately there isn't a shop in Germany so I can't do more than post about it and maybe a blogger from Bulgaria, Czech, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Russia, Slovakia or Urkraine will read this post and can help Rockie by visiting a Reserved-shop.
I hope it'll get sorted out soon!

It's shocking that more and more pictures of bloggers are used without permission, isn't it?

Edit: I totally forgot to add a picture of the shirt. Sorry!


Bunny Tsukino said...

Dankeschööön :D
Die haben im mom echt alle so ein Fehler Oo

IFB said...

Cute tee!
Cara from IFB